The Monumental Mason’s and Sculptors Association of South Australia was formed in the late 1960’s. The founding members comprised of Peter Martin (W H Martin Pty Ltd), Kevin Jordan (H L Jordan Memorials), John Schubert (Schubert and Sons Pty Ltd), Tony Nalty (A L Nalty Memorials Pty Ltd) and Steve Tillett (S D Tillett Memorials Pty Ltd) with all but one of these firms still operating under family ownership.

The Association was formed due to concerns by the Masons with the direction their industry was heading, in particular the increase in cremations and the effect they were having. Cemetery regulations were also becoming more restrictive and it was felt that the Monumental Masons in South Australia needed a central body who could liaise with cemeteries to ensure the long term viability and sustainability of the industry.

Once the Association was formed, liaison groups were set up and the Monumental Masons association became involved with cemetery associations, funeral directors and with local and state Government bodies.

Knowledge & Expertise

Over the past 40 years our Association has been instrumental in promoting the ongoing usage of natural stone in all cemeteries and building work, our knowledge and expertise has been welcomed especially in areas of design and structural integrity.

A hallmark of our professionalism was the introduction of Australian Standards AS. 4204 – 1994 to our industry. These standards ensure that members of our association will manufacture memorials and stone work in accordance with these standards ensuring structural integrity and a high level of workmanship be maintained by all members.

This standard is subject to continuous review to ensure that it includes any and all advances in technology being employed within our industry and is in accordance with workplace health and Safety guidelines.

All members of our association must abide by our code of ethics