Code of Ethics

Members Shall:

  1. Maintain the highest standards of business professional and personal conduct and shall conduct their professional activities with respect for the public interest.
  2. Respect the personal choice of clients and have regard for their diversity of beliefs in religious and cultural practices.
  3. Not intentionally disseminate false or misleading information whether written, spoken, or implied, and shall convey truth, accuracy and good taste in advertising, sales promotion and marketing endeavours.
  4. Not intentionally injure the professional reputation of another member, and, if appropriate, inform the Association of unethical practices occuring within the industry.
  5. Not solicit work with a family member or client within 14 days after a death has occured unless approached by family or client.
  6. Not intentionally pass another Monumental Mason’s work off as their own, during rennovation or restoration work. At all times the original Mason’s name must be acknowledged on the memorial.
  7. At Committee Meetings, Members must at all times behave in an appropriate and professional manner. They must be fair, equitable, considerate and honest in their dealings with other Members and must refrain from any form of abuse, intimidatory or discriminatory.